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Beyond Front, Middle, and Back Office Support

At Tactive, we seamlessly integrate your Office functions, providing a robust foundation for your business. 

Our unique addition, the “Growth Engine Office,” focuses on innovative marketing strategies to drive new client acquisition and business expansion, including specialized Financial Advisor Services. We understand that sustainable growth hinges on continually attracting new clients, and our dedicated marketing efforts are designed to do just that, positioning your firm for success in a competitive landscape.

Growth Engine Office

Our innovative "Growth Engine Office" focuses on cutting-edge marketing strategies to drive client acquisition and business expansion. We understand the critical role of attracting new clients in achieving sustainable growth and offer tailored marketing solutions to elevate your firm's presence in the competitive landscape.

Front Office Support

We enhance client engagement and advisory services through our Advisor Workstation, enabling advisors to focus on delivering personalized investment strategies and building strong client relationships.

Middle Office Support

Our platform ensures seamless trade execution, risk management, and compliance oversight, bridging the gap between front-line advisors and operational support to optimize efficiency.

Back Office Support

We provide comprehensive administrative, IT, and operational assistance, allowing firms to streamline processes and focus on core business activities without the burden of day-to-day operational tasks.

Add value to your small business clients with the Tactive Qualified Plan!

At Tactive, we serve as your dedicated ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager, expertly managing investment decisions to ease the fiduciary responsibilities for advisors. Partnering with a 402(a) and Plan Administrator, we ensure a robust framework for managing your clients’ qualified plans efficiently and effectively. Our role involves reducing fiduciary liabilities, allowing advisors to focus on what they do best—serving their clients’ needs without the burden of complex plan management. Together with our partners, we handle the intricacies of plan administration and compliance, delivering a seamless experience. This collaborative approach not only simplifies the management of retirement plans but also enhances the value advisors bring to their clients looking to establish qualified business plans. 

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